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Please call me at 612-822-3347 if you have questions or concerns.  I can also be reached at

I blog about environment and energy issues during session. Most of our work is done in committee and is not generally covered by the media.

I'm proud to have earned these endorsements.


The results of this coming election will make history. We have the opportunity to choose our future and the future for generations to come.

We all know that 2018 is a critical year for our democracy and the stakes could not be higher. I choose to be motivated by hope. I see people all across the nation who are rising up to build a better future and protect our democracy.

I see the same high energy in Minnesota. Minnesotans are seeking a rebirth of decency and a common progressive vision. Minnesotans want real and positive action on extreme inequality and climate change, the defining issues of our time.

I am a legislator of substance with a track record of leading on hard issues including inequality and climate change. Read about my work in the Issues section.

I ask for your support and your vote.

Be part of the coming change. Be a voter!


Minneapolis and Richfield provide all the information you need for early voting and voting on Election Day, November 6:

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