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Every child deserves a great education. We must provide every child the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and to succeed, not just as future workers, but as human beings in life and as informed citizens participating in a healthy democracy.

  • Funding for public schools has not kept up with inflation. With a projected $1.65 billion surplus in 2017, the legislature had the opportunity to fund schools at a level that keeps up with inflation, fully fund voluntary pre-kindergarten education, and make investments needed to close the achievement gap. Jean was very disappointed that Republicans chose tax cuts instead.
  • Jean authored the first law to provide state funds for an all-day kindergarten option and was very pleased when full funding finally passed in 2013. She believed that full funding was long overdue.
  • Jean was also glad that the 2013 legislature vastly improved Minnesotaís anti-bullying policies; when children feel safer, they can focus on learning and achieving.
  • In 2013, with Jeanís support, the legislature froze tuition at all public Minnesota colleges and universities. Given the budget surplus in 2017, the Republican-controlled Legislature could have frozen tuition again but instead chose to substantially underfund higher education. The result is more tuition hikes and more student debt.
  • As we go forward Jean wants us to complete our work to make high quality early childhood education available to every family and to take on the challenge of high student debt for college graduates and their families.
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