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Health Care

Our current health care system works well for some, but for others it doesnít work at all. Moreover, our health care system is costly, but we do not get high value for the high costs. As we strive for a more equitable Minnesota, reforming health care so it works for all must be one of our top priorities.

The Affordable Care Act was an important step toward health care reform but will leave millions of Americans uninsured or underinsured and struggling with medical bills. Still today, health care expenses are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy. We must work toward single payer Medicare for All.

Iím proud to be the candidate for District 63B endorsed by the Minnesota Nurses Association. I have worked with nurses at the Capitol to advocate for healthcare for all, to successfully protect children from toxins and to further progress on environmental justice. I look forward to continuing this work with my allies at the Minnesota Nurses Association.

Here are some of the elements of reform that I will work to have included:

  • All Minnesotans should have the same access to affordable, quality care. The quality of care should not depend on income, age, employment or health status.
  • We must place a high value on the patient-provider relationship.
  • Incentives must be built into the system so there are continuous quality improvements.
  • The excessive administrative costs in our current system that benefit insurance companies should be reallocated to provide health care.
  • Prevention and incentives to keep people healthy must be part of a reformed system.
  • One of our first steps toward reform should be for the State of Minnesota to bypass insurance companies and contract directly with care providers when the state is supplying the funding for health care.
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