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Jobs & Infrastructure

Everyone deserves the opportunity to get a job that pays a living wage. Our quality of life in Minnesota and opportunities for equitable economic growth depend on ongoing investments in higher education, parks, transportation, and more. Jean believes all of these goals are well served by the Legislature passing a responsible infrastructure bill (often called the “bonding bill”) every two years.

  • Coming Up in 2018 & 2019: Due to Republican incompetence, there was no bonding bill passed in 2016, which traditionally would have been a year for a large bonding bill. That was a missed opportunity to invest in our state assets, job growth and our future. A bonding bill did pass in the 2017 special session, but since Republicans opposed real ongoing revenue for transportation, they shifted that burden onto the bonding bill. Over 28% of the bonding bill was dedicated to transportation, taking capacity away from other areas that rely exclusively on bonding. Higher education, which traditionally gets one third of the bonding money, got only about 20%.

    Even with passage of the 2017 bill, the state is still woefully behind on critical infrastructure improvements and has a growing backlog of deferred maintenance. Jean believes the Legislature should pass a significant bonding bill in 2018 to meet growing needs while interest rates are still low. If Republicans prevent a bonding bill in 2018, Jean will push DFLers to make that a high priority in 2019 after the November election.
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