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The health of our democracy depends directly on the political and economic power of the middle and working class. Collective action in elections and in the workplace are essential to rebuilding that political and economic power and reclaiming our future from the Big Money interests who seek to divide us. Jean strongly supports collective bargaining and the right to organize. Read more under inequality and tax fairness.

More About Jeanís Record:

  • Jean has consistently coauthored bills to increase the minimum wage. Jean believes that the minimum wage needs to be at a level where full time work provides a living wage.
  • In 2014, with Jeanís vote, the legislature passed the Womanís Economic Security Act, a package of legislation designed to close the gender pay gap and level the playing field for women in the workplace. Additional provisions expanded parenting and sick leave for working families and enhanced employment protections for pregnant workers.
  • Jean consistently supports laborís position on prevailing wage, workers compensation and the right to organize.
  • After a scandal that caused removal of the chair, Jean was selected by the Speaker of the House to take over as chair of the Labor Management Relations Committee. As chair, Jean engineered the passage of a bill allowing parents to take time off work to participate in parent-teacher conferences and other school activities.
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