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Family in Morocco

The Peace Corps was only a few years old when Jean started there and she thought she had one of the best jobs she could have ever had. It is there where she met her husband Dwight who had just returned from two years of Peace Corps service in Morocco. This was the time of the great military build up for the Viet Nam war and Dwight’s draft board told him that he had to again serve his county. Dwight was assigned to a Naval communications station in Sidi Yahia, Morocco, where Jean and Dwight lived for three years.

Jean learned her hard bargaining skills in the Moroccan souks where they bought most every thing they needed. Bargaining was so much a part of the market culture that it rose almost to the level of rudeness to not take the time to do it.

Their son Stuart was born in Morocco. Jean flew to Spain by herself to have her second son, Peter, because there were no medical facilities in Morocco to handle a complicated delivery. Ask her about it if you have time for a long story!

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