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  • Jean advocates for transportation funding that includes bus and rail transit as well as roads rather than a “roads-only” policy. In the last two years we substantially increased funding for transportation infrastructure. However the need is far greater than the dollars we invested in this last biennium. Jean expects that a transportation package that includes transit will be one of the priorities for the next legislative session.
  • Last session the legislature enacted new laws that began to address the growing safety concerns raised by the transportation of oil by rail and by pipeline. Most of the laws related to training responders and providing the necessary equipment. Jean believes that the legislature needs to take substantial additional steps focusing on prevention.
  • As a member of the Capitol Investment Committee she pushed for the necessary matching funds to begin building bus rapid transit (BRT) for 35W and held firm for funds for the Central Corridor LRT.
  • When she chaired the Transportation and Transit Committee, she built the House coalition that provided the first funding for the Hiawatha LRT and increased funding for buses. She was the chief author of the project that designed commuter rail routes for the metropolitan area including the North Star Commuter Rail route.
  • Jean believes the state should move more quickly to build more rail transit in the metro area and a faster train to Chicago.
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